PwrSet is an exclusive discovery and sharing platform
for long form content

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Cut through the web’s nonsense and engage with its most thought-provoking content. PwrSet saves you the hunt for interesting documents and allows you to spend time reading instead.

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Discover content by following what others are reading, rather than through simple algorithms or subject areas. In PwrSet, content is organized by subsets of users which users may join and contribute to.

Participate in a community of readers

Gone are the days of emailing articles to different groups of friends and posting to clogged social media outlets. PwrSet is a streamlined home to voracious readers and scouts of content.

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Discover content through
subsets of users rather
than through subject areas.
Leverage a network of experts
and efficiently find high quality
reading material.
Share and rate articles
, without the hassle
of social media or email.