Features and functionalities (vol. 1)


Friends and PwrSetters,

As you continue to enjoy long-form content on PwrSet, we thought we’d highlight a few of the platform’s features.

  • Following: PwrSet allows you to follow other users, which keeps you abreast of what they are reading. When following a fellow user, you will:
    • Receive notifications for every article that user shares.

A notification when a user you’re following shares an article.


    • Your weekly email digest (please check your promotion/social folder in Gmail if you haven’t received this in the past few weeks) will expand and include the best articles shared by all users you follow. Even more endorsed content suggestions for commutes, weekends, and downtime!

An expanded weekly digest mailing, incl. content shared by the contributors you’re following.


    • You may follow a user from the user’s profile page, which is accessible through search or the user’s hyperlinked name. You may also follow users by clicking the thumbnails atop each subset page and selecting users in the popup.


  • Bookmarking and the Chrome Extension: PwrSet makes it simple to bookmark content whether from the platform or the broader web.
    • If you find an exciting article that you don’t have time to read just yet, bookmark it so you can read it later.

Bookmarking functionality on PwrSet


    • The Chrome Extension makes bookmarking or sharing any content on the web a matter of two clicks. This allows you to use PwrSet as a folder to warehouse content you find online and may want to read or share.


  • Upvoting and Sharing: PwrSet’s main quality control is through the endorsements of smart users.
    • By upvoting good articles, you (i) enhance the articles we serve you in the future, (ii) steer your followers and friends towards good content, and (iii) contribute greatly to our data experiment.
    • By sharing articles you help us map out the internet’s most compelling content and directly benefit not only your followers but all members of your subsets.

Mark shared this NYT article which three other readers then upvoted. Thanks, Mark!


    • Both upvoting and sharing alter your favorite tags and helps guide your followers.  

A profile page’s top, featuring a follow button, most-frequent tags, and shared/upvoted articles.


  • Search: It’s old school, but search covers users, descriptions, titles, and tags  
    • Find friends to follow
    • Find content by subject area
    • It’s at the top of your screen!


We hope this introduction to some of PwrSet’s features was enlightening. We will continue to use this blog to announce new additions to the platform — and we promise we’re working to add more!


Happy sharing & reading,

Anirudha & Adam

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